February 22, 2024
God VS Google

God VS Google

God VS Google
God VS Google

If we can’t beat google in court ,

Can God make Google go bankrupt?

The Billion Dollar Code


It repeats itself and Google is still worshiped because it makes other people need it

Believe me friends, how evil Google is. Because I have experienced it first hand.

Google provides all the services the public needs for business reasons, it’s about your money.

Google created an office and indulged its workers.

So that everyone thinks Google is a company managed by angels.

Until you really experience it firsthand, working for Google and interacting with Google officials, then you will realize how evil they are.

Or if you are digital creators, for YouTube, blog, adsense, admob, play console.
and all their services, are obvious frauds designed to be bloodsuckers.
but we can’t beat google because they are very strong even to pay a country leader.
Then? if god exists? Can God beat Google?

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